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From its unique village-store setup, its quirky opening hours and showroom-style displays, Shirt Shop Amsterdam breaks the mold when it comes to men's fashion retailing ...

There are NO 'global brands ... to us,


We focus, instead, on FASHION PRODUCT ... new fashion ideas, new looks, new colours, new details ... sifting through thousands and thousands of models to select the few handfuls that 'make it' to our rails ....

How do we do it

This selective 'cherry-picking' takes
both Effort and Experience .. so you
often see us traipsing round Europe
- Italy, Denmark, London, Berlin ...
sniffing out 'gems' in fresh, exciting,
enterpreneurial fashion companies, to
present to our discerning client base ..

Our shirts can be Eclectic,
tees can be Crazy, jackets
are 'very cool' ... in fact,
anything which qualifies
as 'funky fashion' has a
better chance to get
chosen .. so long as the
price is Right ...

Our clients appreciate us
for being Different,
Original, and more
importantly, bringing
them exclusive yet

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Reguliersdwarsstraat 64 1017 BM Amsterdam

T . +31 20 4232088       SEVEN DAYS A WEEK       13.00 - 19.00.